Our Services

Our methods and tools, which we tailor to the size and resources of our clients, are used by some of the world’s premier corporations and consultants. We have chosen our areas of focus using simple tests:

Have we:

  • Been trained by world-class individuals and organizations on the essential tools and processes we will use?
  • Had depth and breadth of experience in our focus areas?
  • Held positions of responsibility experiencing what works well and what does not?

Put us to the test. Ask us how we can help your organization move up to a new level of performance.

Strategic Planning and Management

Is your company experiencing:

  • Flat or declining revenue or profitability?
  • Loss of market share?
  • Constantly shifting priorities?
  • Emergence of organizational silos with conflicting priorities?
  • Strategic plans that are never implemented?

These are a few symptoms of strategic weakness.

New Level Advisors will assess your strategic issues. Then we’ll work with you and your team to build and implement a winning strategic plan and the management processes to execute it including:

  • Stakeholder values and beliefs.
  • Clear vision and mission statements.
  • Analysis of markets, competitors, and key success factors.
  • Strengths/Weaknesses, Opportunities/Threats.
  • Achievable strategic alternatives.
  • Resource requirements and alignment.
  • Tactics, accountability and metrics to get it done.
  • A strategic management process that works.

No one knows your business or non-profit better than you and your team. We will work with you using our comprehensive approach to mine that knowledge.

Together we’ll plot the best path to a new level of success.

Start today by investing just a few moments. Contact Us now for a free consultation.

Operational Excellence

Many who hear or read the words ‘Operational Excellence’ immediately think of lean manufacturing on a factory floor.

Operational Excellence isn’t just about factories. It is about everything that happens in a business from the first request for quotation to the collection of cash, or in a non-profit from the first donation to the delivery of service to your clients.

An organization may have a lean factory but may still be sacrificing profits and cash at key points in this Quote to Cash cycle. A non-profit may slowly bleed cash through ineffective operations. Improper alignment of policies, processes, and people across departments can put even the leanest organization at risk.

If you believe you should be doing better, we want to hear about it. We’ll listen and together we’ll use a variety of tools throughout your processes to:

  • Define areas of concern.
  • Measure and analyze process results.
  • Implement improvements.
  • Put metrics and controls in place to prevent recurrence.

You can achieve Operational Excellence and take your results to a new level.

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Leadership and Team Development

There is no doubt that your company’s greatest differentiator is its people.

Competitors can copy your products, services, and processes, but they cannot copy your most valuable asset – your people. You must constantly develop the people who can implement your winning strategy, strive for operational excellence, and launch your new products. That is the way to differentiate your organizations year after year.

New Level Advisors can help.

  • Through direct executive coaching and mentoring we can help individual leaders grow in skill and confidence.
  • Coaching and mentoring can help other employees prepare for increased leadership responsibility.
  • Skill training for managers and others can help the entire team improve its results.

Let us help your leaders and teams take their performance to a new level.

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